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Redesigning the website for a non-profit organization

Project Brief

The Healing is a non profit organization founded in Chicago in 2020 to address the increasing mental health challenges within the BIPOC male community. With a focus on an underserved population, the organization provides crucial support and resources. Currently, as the user base of the Healing grows, there is a need to improve the website’s functionality, user experience, and outreach. The live website currently serves as a platform primarily for accepting donations and notify members of upcoming events. This project aims to enhance the website, offer seamless functionality, and increased awareness of valuable resources to better service the growing community.







  • User Interview
  • User Survey
  • Affinity Mapping
  • C&C Analysis
  • Heuristic Analysis
  • User Flow
  • Sitemap
  • Design Studio
  • Wireframing
  • Prototype

Context Matters

  • Client shared prior user research deliverables during our first meeting conducted by a previous design group who did a 2 week sprint.

  • Preliminary Hi-Fi prototype was created based on initial research, but missing key features identified by the client.

  • Client expressed the need for an events page with sign-up feature, expanded user types (volunteers and instructors), a profile page, and overall website enhancement.


Phase 1

Research 1.0

The Starting Point
To prioritize the addition of key features for The Healing’s website, we wanted to focus on understanding the needs, goals and preferences of existing members. However, as we didn’t have their contact information yet, we adjusted our initial research to prioritize the client’s needs first.
Problem Statement 1.0
The Healing needs enhancements and additional features to house and address the growing number of members because the current website’s main purpose is to collect donations and notify members of upcoming events.
Identifying Best Practices: Extracting Design Inspiration through C&C Analysis


The Right Path
After conducting our initial research, we embarked on a comprehensive audit of the current website’s sitemap. This critical step allowed us to align our proposed sitemap with the project objective and ensure we were heading in the right direction.
Website Site Map
Proposed Site Map
User Flow
We identified 3 crucial users: Members, Volunteers, and Instructors, in anticipation of the Healing Chi’s expansion and the subsequent need for additional assistance. Keeping these key users in mind, we crafted an updated user flow to ensure an optimized experience for each user types.

Color Palette Idea

Green: Denotes growth and harmony
Gold: The team decided to utilize this color based from the prior initial prototype handed of to us
Blue: Denotes calmness, peace and trust

Usability Test

We proceeded with conducting usability tests for our initial prototype, prioritizing new users unfamiliar with the website. Our primary objective was to evaluate the smoothness, efficiency, and overall coherence of the design flow for new users looking to sign up. We wanted to test the 3 user flows that will be utilizing the Healing’s website.


Average SUS Score
Completion Rate

Phase 2

Research 2.0

In-Depth Research with Existing Members
During the latter part of the 2nd week of the sprint, our team received the list of existing members from the client. With this information, we promptly took action by sending our surveys and scheduling user interviews. This marked a pivotal moment where our focus intensified as we engaged with the community to gather valuable insights and feedback.
Key Focus in User Interview
Summary of Results
I was not aware there was a website

I want to attend more events/activities

I want to share/hear personal stories

Emphasized the importance of a profile page
Used a 3rd party platform when signing up for events
Members are unaware of the website
Validation through Collected Data
Upon completing user interviews and surveys with existing members, we sought to validate our design choices and ensure alignment with their expectations for the website. The collected data indicates that our team is headed in the right direction.
Problem Statement 2.0 (Post-User Research)
Active members are unaware of the current website and the Healing is not showcasing all of its resources to the current community. There is an opportunity to streamline information, resources, events, communication and improve the user experience.

Hi-Fi Prototype V2

Onboarding Questions
Events Page
Instructor Form

Next Steps

Add Friend

As the user base grows and when there’s a need for the community to connect, an Add Friend feature can be added


Once adding a friend is established, consider adding achievement highlights for all members to share and engage

Social Links

Adding social links as an alternative form for increasing ways members to connect with each other


Discord can be an efficient platform to streamline communication among members


Consider looking into GiveButter as the platform for donations

Learning Insights

  • As the Lead Designer, adapting and maximizing our limited time became crucial in overcoming our design challenges during the start of our project

  • Gained valuable insights on working with constraints, time limitations, and adapting to different client situations.

  • Learned the significance of adjusting our process to accommodate unique circumstances.

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