Francis Golez

Francis Golez | UI UX


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I am a seasoned UX designer situated in Los Angeles, CA, with a unique background that enriches my professional journey. Originating from a small city in the Philippines, I cultivated a passion for drawing and art during my formative years. Despite earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, my pursuit of broader opportunities led me to the United States. Commencing my professional career in the mental health sector, I ascended through the ranks over a six-year tenure in a supervisory capacity at an outpatient mental health clinic. Ultimately, I assumed the role of Clinic Director for an additional two years, overseeing the comprehensive business operations of an outpatient clinic in San Francisco, CA.
While I cherished my involvement in mental health, an evolving fascination with technology and UX design prompted a significant career pivot. Recognizing a profound interest in the intersection of product design and individual user experiences, I seamlessly integrated my childhood passion for drawing and my nuanced comprehension of mental health into the realm of UX design. My commitment of staying up to date with contemporary design tools in the tech landscape empowers me to craft products that not only enhance lives but also infuse moments of joy and fulfillment into user interactions.
Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and help bring your design ideas to life!
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